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Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc. is celebrating 30 years!

In January of 1988, I decided to enter the consulting arena after spending over 18 years working directly for financial institutions in various information technology capacities. I didn’t realize at that time that this decision would keep me busy at work for most of a lifetime and provide many exciting opportunities.

This month, Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc. celebrates 30 years of providing quality technology solutions to the financial industry. During this time, I have had the honor and pleasure to have met and worked with many wonderful people, and it is at this time that I wish to express my appreciation.

To all of those clients who have supported KJS over the years, and all of those who have guided me, and all of those who I can now count as friends, I say Thank You! To all of the loyal employees that have passed through these doors, I now realize that I could not have survived without you. I am grateful to each and every one of you.

I have been blessed that we’ve been able to come so far, and not only survive, but also grow and prosper. However, our work is not yet complete! As we embrace new technologies, and changes in our industry, we look forward to another thirty years. As the next phase of our corporate existence plays out, we are filled with anticipation of even greater things ahead.

Kenneth J. Sole
Technology – Operations – Infrastructure​​​​​​​