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Contingency Planning

“It's not the Plan, but the Planning that counts!”

~ Ken Sole

Contingency Planning

Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc., is one of the leading Contingency Management planning firms in the country. Our process is designed and tailored specifically to your financial institution. We do not utilize “out of the box” or “canned” disaster recovery plans that will have no merit if your financial institution truly faces a crisis. Our process involves a detailed analysis of your operational infrastructure and is based upon Functional Prioritization coupled with established Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

  • Why is the Plan Necessary?
    • Prevent Disruption of Operations
    • Protect Vital Records
    • Legal Requirements
    • Management Responsibility to Protect Corporate Assets
    • OCC Banking Circular 177
    • FFIEC Thrift Bulletin 30
    • OCC Banking Circular 226
    • FCPA Act of 1977
  • Methodology
  • Obtain Management Commitment
  • Define Scope and Objective of the Plan
  • Isolate Critical Business Functions
  • Perform Risk Assessment (Critical, Necessary or Optional)
  • Identify Resources to be Covered
    • Equipment
    • Personnel
    • Forms / Supplies
    • Telecommunications
    • Software
    • Vital Records
    • Data
    • Vendors
  • Assign Personnel to Assist in Each Area
  • Gather Data/ Documentation
  • Develop Approved Procedures
  • Test Plan
  • Document Plan and Test Results
  • Disseminate the Plan
  • Establish Methodology for Maintaining the Plan