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Network Support

Whether it is a computer room or the front office, we have the capability to implement, mantain and support your technology platforms.

Network Support

Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc., is a full service technology firm. From the Board Room to the Back room, we can handle all of your technology initiatives. Each of our staff consultants has a particular area of expertise that enables us to handle a broad array of your technology requirements. In many cases, we have simply filled in as “an extra pair of hands” when technical tasks become backlogged in the I.T. department.

From the mainframe to the file server, from the file server to the terminal or to the desktop, we can handle all of your Information Technology requirements.

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Web Site Development
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Telecom Installation/Cabling
  • Data Communications Support
Dell Authorized “Gold” Business Partner

Dell Authorized “Gold” Business Partner

Support Services
  • Computer Room Design
  • Hardware Sales and Support
  • Custom Programming
  • Interface Development
  • Networking
    • Dell Business Partner
    • All types of Hardware Sales and Installation
  • Security
  • Documentation/Training