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Our experience exposes us to more of the industry regulatory and compliance issues facing your own institution, which affords you the reliability of results we've attained elsewhere.


The benefits of partnering with Kenneth J. Sole & Associates, Inc. include:
Minimize risks on major initiatives by leveraging our expertise, formalized process, and control methodologies. We will assist you in IDENTIFYING THE RISKS and MANAGING THESE RISKS toward a successful conclusion for any implementation or conversion project.

All of our solutions are custom tailored, based upon information that is specific to your organization. We perform a comprehensive analysis of data directly related to your business requirements and to the end user’s needs and desires. We do not utilize templates or “fill in the blank” questionnaires to arrive at our conclusions, thus providing you with highly relevant conclusions and direction.

Control FTE expense by utilizing our supplemental resources on an as-needed basis. We’ll assist you in meeting those time-sensitive or labor-intensive efforts, and provide access to highly specialized skill sets to meet any number of business objectives.

With downsizing in the industry, we fill in where gaps have occurred for specific projects.