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Application Support

The core processing system is the key to providing your financial institution with the capability to compete in the marketplace by offering competitive products and services, and to managing your bottom line via efficient and effective operational processes.

Application Support

Over the years Kenneth J. Sole & Associates consultants have worked with virtually every one of the major core processing systems that are utilized in the industry today. We understand their technical architecture, as well as their processing strengths and weaknesses.

This technical knowledge coupled with our banking expertise allows us to provide your financial institution with the most efficient utilization of these platforms. The end result is superior products and services for your customers, and the most effective utilization of the processing platform.

We also have worked with many of the ancillary and support applications that complement core processing applications. Examples of these include Teller and CSR/New Account systems, Loan Origination platforms, On-Line Banking systems, Branch Capture capabilities, Marketing and Data Warehouse (MCIF’s), Item Processing, and Accounts Payable systems, and a myriad of other types of banking applications. We can assist you in the selection, installation and tailoring of these capabilities, the development of interfaces, and the formalization of procedures and “Best Practices” for the most effective utilization of these platforms.

Application Support Services
  • System Installation
    • Technical Assistance
    • User Guidance and System Specifications
    • Release Installs/Upgrades
  • Product Definition
  • Project Management
  • Conversion Assistance
  • Code Modification
  • Code Modification
  • Interface Development
    • Internal
    • External
  • File Maintenance
  • Performance Enhancement
    • On-line
    • Batch Processing
    • Release Installs/Upgrades
  • Work Flow Modification
  • Training
Core Processing Systems (Partial Listing)
  • Jack Henry Associates — CIF 20/20
  • FIS/Bankway
  • Fiserv/Open Solutions
  • Fiserv/Signature
  • Fiserv Premier
  • Fiserv/Clear Touch
  • Harland - The Phoenix Banking System
  • Fis/Miser
  • Fis/Horizon